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Centre of Research, Publication, Consultancy & Postgraduate Bureau (CRPC)

The University’s Research, Publications and Consultancy department coordinates and facilitates the research carried out by members of the faculty, publishes research results in the IUBTG interdisciplinary journal, Perspectives, assists with publishing books and develops consultancy relationships with churches, research organizations, and industries. The department also evaluates and recommends for funding research proposals submitted by faculty members and facilitates research related training.


(CRPC) was established so as to give independent supervision, direction, and resolution (for of “approval/ recommendation/ stipulation/disapproval”) on the academic research, health research and other specific research protocols involving human participants. 

By practice, the committee embraces diverse backgrounds in qualification, training and experience to achieve adequate review of science and ethics in the stipulated protocols and research usually conducted at IUBTG.

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

This Policy is meant to encourage and enable technology development, its commercialisation and transfer for the benefit of the public. In the contemporary world, commercialization and licensing of research findings and results to industries and private users is common phenomenon which has attracted a substantial amount of revenue to many universities in the developed and emerging economies. It is high time that IUBTG strives to tap the immense potential resource which is available in this area by harnessing the potentials provided by the intellectual property assets embodied in research, publication and consultancy findings.

Research Ethics Guidelines

Research ethics are important for all research undertakings. The University undertakes various research activities which – directly or indirectly affect humans, people’s properties, and environment, economic and social issues all of which need to be regulated. These guidelines will help researchers and the research community to be cognizant of their ethical views and attitude, raise their awareness of ethical standards, promote good judgment and enhance their ability to make well research based decisions. Furthermore, the existence of these guidelines will not only promote ethical and scientific intellectual culture among its academic staff and students, but also help to protect rights and interests of human participants

Submitting your proposal

Individuals/Researchers intending to submit their protocols to (CRPC) for ethical review and approval should contact the (CRPC) Secretariat who will provide the necessary documentation needed for submission. This includes the application form, proposal format, fees structure, as well as other documents needed by (CRPC).


                               DIPLOMA-BACHELOR’S –MASTER’S FORMAT


The principal value of an internship is derived from the practical work experience, and this evaluation will be an important consideration in assessing overall performance of the Intern. (Other aspects of the internship will be evaluated by the Program Director or Designated Faculty Mentor).

General or specific comments on how the Intern can improve their own performance (especially those related to professionalism, leadership and management style, etc.) are especially appreciated. We are also very interested in suggestions for improving the effectiveness of our university  internship program.

 This evaluation will be kept confidential. The Program Director will use your input to make general suggestions aimed at improving the professionalism of the Internship.

 THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to mentor your Internship.

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